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What is an "SOP"

An SOP is an abbreviation for:

SOP Image

Meaning, a set of steps that should be followed every time a process needs to be completed for your work.

For Example:

### Putting on your Coat
1. Take your coat off the hook
2. Put you left arm in the sleeve
3. Put your right arm in the sleeve
4. Do up the buttons

You get the idea.

We have a lot of process' that can, and should, be done exactly the same way every time. These SOP documents will outline exactly how to do them.

Why do we use Standard Operating Procedures?

The general goal is to cut down on process time. So to that end we define the process and refine it to be as optimal as possible over time.

This is a two way street. We need feedback from you to ensure that our process' are as efficient as possible, so we expect that you will tell us when you see that something can be done faster using a different method.

What do they communicate?

They should communicate not only the "How?" but also the "Why?". These SOP's will guide you through the step by step process of how to do most things, but they should also shine a light on the purpose of the specific steps that you are being asked to do.

If you come across an SOP that you think doesn't outline why you are doing it the way is asks, please let someone know. These only work with constant feedback.

Using Standard Operating Procedures

On the sidebar you will see sections relating to how we conduct our business.

- Introduction
- Planning
- Production
- Finishing

You can navigate through the SOP's this way or you can just type what you are looking for in the search bar at the top.


Living Document

These SOP's are a set of living documents. If you see a change that should be made please notify Cameron.