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Site Damage Refinishing SOP

How to send something to the shop for Refinishing

These are the steps to follow in the event that you require a piece from site to be refinished by the team in the shop.

Why have the shop refinish something?

There are many legitimate reasons to have something sent back to the shop for refinishing, these include:

  • The damage is large, either too deep or too wide.
  • The damaged part is too intricate and requires a skilled finisher
  • etc.

There are also some parts that should be finished in place. This can be difficult to asses, so when in doubt please contact your manager to verify wether something should be brought to the shop for refinishing or not.

Process for sending back and item

  1. Inspect the damaged or pieces that needs modified to see if that is something that can be accomplished onsite before moving forward

  2. Remove piece from cabinet carefully

  3. Leave all hardware attached to the removed piece (to prevent it getting lost which the front is not attached)

  4. Remove ANOTHER front that is adjacent to the front that was damaged to be brought back and uses to verify the colour is correct after the damaged front is repaired (this goes for stained, painted and cleared parts alike)

  5. Fill out a PINK URGENT label with

    • Job #
    • Room
    • Repair
    • Or modify
    • Description or drawing of what needs to be done

Pink Label Ref

  1. Stick label somewhere on the part that will not cause any damage
  2. Transport back to the shop the damaged piece in a way that does not cause more damage (if we do not have to fix the backside it saves time)
  3. Transport back to the shop the undamaged piece in a way that does not cause ANY additional damage
  4. When part arrives in the shop make sure to talk to Dan about what needs to happen, If Dan is unavailable, talk to JP.
Additional Info

If there is more information that is needed, beyond what was written on the Urgent label. That information should be written down on paper and attached to the work piece.