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Quoting in Cabinetshop Maestro

Setup the Rooms

Go into the Job Setup Rooms - "Edit job Information"

"Name of room" = The Room name

"Description of work in the Room" = The Includes, The spec name etc. For example:

"Includes Hawa Doors. PT-01 OC-65 Chantilly Lace"

Setup a Delivery Room and an Installation Room at the end of your rooms. This will allow you to have a seperate line on the quote for those items. We like to do this in the event that our pricing is way out of wack.

Starting the Quote

To start the quote "View Questionnaire, Financials & Contracts" Job Financials - > Estimate

Before you start adding


Ensure that: "Default material mark up for this estimate (unless otherwise specified)" is set to 50%. Materials are setup to have a 50% markup but make sure taht it is done here as well.


Ensure that: "Percentage Adjustment 1 (optional)" is set to 20% as well.

Ways to quote

There are two main ways to quote Millwork:

Option #1 - Adding Components + Labour

Add the number of cases, plus the number of drawer boxes, plus the door square footage, plus any specific hardware, add pulls. Then calcualte labour.

  • Drawings = X,
  • CNC is included in the door,case and drawer box cost so no real need for it here. Unless there is something specific.
  • Finishing, again is mostly included in the cost of the doors in this case.
  • Assembly = X. This is for adding hardware ans assembling the components that were priced. The cost to assemble the Cases, Drawer boxes etc, is include in those costs.
  • Delviery and Isntallation are added seperatly.

Option #2 - Adding Materials + Labour

This is used for Closets especially, but essentially you are forgoing the assembled compenents and estimating the materials that will be used to create those components, plus the labour to assemble them.

So instead of adding 4 drawer boxes, you would add the 2 sheets of 5/8" Melamine needed to create the bottoms, backs and fronts for those drawers. Then you would add the material components needed. 4 Sets of Legrabox hardware (Sides and Slides). After that you would add all of the labour needed to make the 4 drawers.

  • Drawings = X
  • CNC = X (We need a number here now because it is no longer included)
  • Finishing = X (0 in this case but would be added if fnishing was needed, you would alos need to include the finishing materials in this case)
  • Assembley = X (Usually a much higher number)
  • Delivery and installation are again counted else where

This method is very useful for items that are not made up of boxes. Closets, Wine Rooms, Paneling, etc.

Adding Costs

After you have decided what method to use for your room.

Start Adding Cabinets/Components

Items here: Cases, Drawer Boxes, Doors, Pulls, Custom Cabinets (Niches), Labour Select the room, choose the Category (it is layed out in a manner that makes sense)

Adding Materials

These are items that are meant to be ordered directly Hardware (Hawa Doors, Magic Corners, Garbage Recycling), Closet Rod, Lighting Channel, etc.

Adding Labour

There is a Labour component in the Cabinet/Components section. This can be used as a starting off point.

Ensure that you have allowed for adequate labour for your room.

Creating a Proposal

Once you are done adding your job costs, you can now create a Proposal. There are several "Detail" levels. I like Level two for most things. It will show the room and the assosicated cost. If you want just a lump sum however, Detail Level 1 works perfectly.