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Sanding Primer

  1. Look at Drawings to asses where paint is being applied
  2. Place Piece face down on the sanding table
  3. With the ORBITAL sander square to the face of the piece, sand all 4 edges with 150 grit to remove machining marks
  4. If smooth, sand all 4 edges with 320 grit to polish
  5. Ease all 4 corners to a 1.0mm profile with 150 grit
  6. Sand back face of piece with 320 grit. 2 passes
  7. Run 150 grit around the eased profile to even it out and knock off the sharp points
  8. Make sure it is labelled, and that the label will not be hidden when painted
  9. Flip piece to face side up
  10. Sand face with 320 grit, looking for imperfections and glue
  11. Place on a spray cart or gently into a red cart for later.
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