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Milwaukee Onekey SOP


  1. To keep track of who has tools and equipment
  2. To keep track of where tools and equipment are located
  3. Provide a list of tools we have available to make our jobs easier
  4. To record serials numbers in case of theft
  5. To schedule and track maintenance


  1. Open the One-Key invitation and download the One-Key app to your phone there is also a computer page that you can login to once you have an account

Adding an item​

  1. If you are an admin you will be able add items, to do this follow instructions in the app be sure to include:

    1. A photo of the tool
    2. The manufacturer
    3. The model number
    4. Description
    5. Category (there are several categories if an existing one does not fit the tool ask Steve to create one)
    6. The purchase price (if don’t know the exact price make a guess)
    7. The serial number
    8. Place where the tools will be located
    9. The person who will be responsible for the item
    10. Division (select the one best describes what it will be used for)
    11. Status if its currently in use or not
    12. Add a QR Code sticker in location that it will not get damaged this it use to quickly bring up the tool in the app
    13. If the items require regular maintenance add it to the service date
    14. Notes can be added to include part numbers, consumable info like sandpaper size and where to get it

Adding Ticks and QR Codes​

Ticks are meant to be used on items that have a value of $50 or more or go missing often (each tick is $5). Ticks are to be glued screwed, pop riveted or zap strapped, which ever works best and does not effect the operation of the item.

OneKey Tick

QR codes should go on all tools and equipment including stationary equipment in the shop.

QR code