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Pre-Installation Meeting

What is a Pre-Installation Meeting?

The purpose of this meeting is for the Shop Foreman and the Lead Installer to discuss the project, as it stands, at the time of handoff to the installation team.

This conversation informs the installation team of the work they will inherit and be responsible for as the project moves onto the site. It is also an opportunity for the Installation team to ask the shop for specific tools, hardware, and expendables needed for a successful installation.

When should this meeting happen?

This meeting will occur before the first delivery and after the bulk of the deliverable millwork has been assembled. Having the millwork physically there is advantageous, as problems may not become apparent while looking at the drawings.

It can be difficult to time a meeting like this, do your best to schedule this while the casework is on the shop floor. If this is impossible, ensure that there is at least a conversation between the Shop Foreman and the Installer. This conversation should address the Approved Drawings.


On smaller projects, Pre-Installation meetings can be done over the phone or on Teams. On larger projects, however, this meeting must be done in person. Preferably on the shop floor with the millwork.

What should be discussed?

During this meeting please go over the following:

  • Use the approved drawings to go over each room and elevation. Make sure you understand the layout of the space.
  • Make sure you understand the intention of how the pieces are to be installed and in what order.
  • Ask for any documents you may need (Hardware, appliance spec sheets) printed to be added to the hardware delivery box.
  • Find out about any specific instructions about access to the site
    • Lock box code
    • Hotel Arrangements
    • Any physical delivery pinch points.
  • Ask for any additional material that may be needed during installation.


Here is a list of Frequently asked question's to get the meeting started.

  • Do we have Approved Drawings?

  • How many sets of drawings will be delivered? (No less than three)

  • Have we received all of the hardware?

  • Has anyone double checked the hardware delivery box?

  • Is there a plan to deliver any un-received hardware?

  • Have any decisions on the shop floor dramatically changed the project from the drawings?

  • Is there a scribe on this (specific) piece?

  • Has anyone put these cabinets together to make sure that (specific item) lines up?

  • Are all of the tools loaded in the Site Box?

  • Is there a full screw box ready for us?

Common Expendables

  • Shims
  • DAP
  • Colour Matched Fast Caps