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Final Installation steps

Shelves, and Doors, and Drawers! Oh my! 🎼

  1. Wipe down the inside for the cabinets to remove dust.

Check out our Surface Cleaning Guidlines for which products to use on which surfaces.

  1. Install shelves make sure they are clean.

  2. If needed DAP the fillers and silicone the counters. Do this after the cabinets have been cleaned and before the doors and drawers have been installed.

  3. Install cabinet doors and drawers. Do this after the previous steps. It is much easier to see the screws that need to be capped and clean the cabinets with the doors and drawers off.

  4. Install the cabinet pulls, ensure you have the correct size screws.

  1. Check all drawers and pull outs to make sure they work and do not hit any appliances or pulls. If there are any issues please contact the project manager
  1. Adjust doors and drawers. Here is a video for Legrabox drawer adjustment: Blum Has a great app with videos on how adjust there products. Its called Blum Easy Assembly:

Google Play

  1. Install the caps on the drawers for Legrabox and Richelieu drawers. If they are wood drawer box's add screws to lock the front in place.

Legrabox drawers require a #20 Torx screwdriver

  1. Install the cutlery trays.

  2. Pack out tools.

Cleaning up is half the fun! 😉

  1. Vacuum the site and leave it clean. If materials or tools need to be removed, set them aside neatly and have them ready to be picked up. Take a picture of the items, post on teams and let the shop know it's ready to pick up.


Once all of this is done, you have finished the job. Nice! ✨ 🎉


Make sure you tell the project manager, in case they know something you don't.


I know you forgot already 😂

Take photos daily and post them on teams so every knows the progress on site. These can also be used to document that there was no damage on our work at the time of completion.