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Scheduling Candidates

Once you have a candidate you are intersted in it is time to reach out and schedule a time to interview them (in person preffered).

Use the "Schedule Revised" template and add the information that you need for that role.


Based on your resume it seems that you would be a good fit for our {JOB_TITLE} position.

I am contacting you set up a time and date for an in person interview at our shop to provide you with more understanding of our operations and ensure that it is a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Cameron Glegg


This is an important point in the hiring process. Not only are you learning about the Candidate but you are selling Stirling Woodworks as a place to work.

Things to show them:

  • The office space and its role in our manufacturing process
  • The Lunch room is a great example of the kind of work we do
  • Walk through the Shop starting with the CNC and Edgebander
  • Move back to the Lunch room to finish the converstaion

The final thing to ensure that you get is the hourly rate that the person is looking for

Things to remember while hiring

Stay on top of Categorizing people (Reject, Interested, etc.). This keeps our posting towards the top of searches.

Pay bands Shop Helper (17-20), Joiner (25-35), CNC Op (20-30), Finisher (20-30)