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Hiring SOP

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Once you have hired the person they have some paper work to fill out. Send this paper work to them in an email welcoming them to the team:

Hello [New Employee], welcome to the team!

I have attached our Start Pack and the Tax Forms that we will need you to sign before your first day. There is also a required tool list in there. Please let me know if you will have any issues acquiring anything on that list, we are flexible but would love to help if necessary.

In the meantime, I will point you to our documentation website: ( This is a public website that can be accessed 24/7. As I mentioned this is a new endeavor for us, so please forgive some of the areas that are lacking information. As a new employee you will be asked for feedback regarding this site, this feedback will be instrumental in perfecting our onboarding experience.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any more questions, or concerns. I am excited to have you be apart of our team.

Admin > Office Documents > Stirling Stationary > New hire Start pack_21 + 2 x Td1 Forms


The most important things suring on boarding are:

  • Getting the user affiliated with Teams
  • Showing the employee how to fill in their time sheet
  • Going through the Safety Doucments

Powerpoint can be found here: On Boarding Power Point.

Things to remember:

Take a photo of there Driver's License

Ice HRM is where we keep track of our employee information.

Documents you can track in ICE

  • Safety Checklist, Safety Infractions (add to the Employee)
  • Physical Form Lunch room Safety Binder
  • Exits, Fire Extinguishers, Eye Wash Stations