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CNC Panel Inspection


Check both sides of "Exposed Material". No need to check "Semi Exposed". Stand Up sequence matched sheets and add the photos to the Teams Channel.

How to Inspect Panels before they are cut

This SOP is meant to outline the steps for inspecting sheets before or as they are being loaded on the deck of the CNC Machine. The purpose of this inspection is two fold:

  1. Identify issues with sheet goods before they are cut into parts
  2. Report Quality control

Types of Sheet Goods wether they are veneer, TFL, laminate or solid surface fall into two categories:

├── Sheet Goods
│ ├── Semi Exposed [Concealed]
│ ├── Exposed
│ │ ├── Doors, Gables, Countertops, etc.
└───└───└── Sequence Matched

Semi Exposed

No need to check the sheets. Defect happen and can be re-cut. There is also no reason to report these defects to anyone in the office. Unless there is a defect that affects the usage of many sheets (water damage, etc.) please just re-cut the affected parts.

Definition from NAAWS 4.0

"Semi Exposed" are non-visible surfaces and are not covered by the aesthetic requirements.


Check Every Sheet. Please check the front and back of every sheet intended to be used as an exposed part.

Definition from NAAWS 4.0

"Exposed" refers to surfaces visible after fabrication and installation, and when judged from a normal viewing stance and facility lighting, are considered compliant if inconspicuous when viewed from 48” (1220 mm).

This distance is closer in Premium Grade. (24")

Sequence Matched Sheets

Stand up all sheets needed to sequence match the exposed area. You may need a lot of space for this, please feel free to move things in the shop to accomplish this.

Then photograph the sequnce matched sheets and post them to the channel. If the sheets match well enough and both sides of the product pass an inspection, then you may cut them.

Photo Examples

If other sheets are need for a proper match please let the office know, so they can order new sheets.


All deficiencies should be photographed and posted in the appropriate Teams channel. With the intention of having the defective sheets replaced.