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The role of the purchaser ultimatley is to safeguard the companies expednditure of money on goods and services. While there are many other facets of the role, this is the primary function. As an organization we need to purchase Hardware, Sheet Goods and miscilanseous other parts, however we also need to be smart about our purchases and ensure that we are getting the best deal on what we buy.


Reports to?

The Purchaser reports to the Project Manager


It is expected that the purchaser will

  • Maintain Supplier lists
  • Maintain Pricing Information
  • Be the go to for all purchase related questions (Purchase, Return, Lead Time)
  • Search out and maintain documentation regarding items (large and small) that need to be purchased for a project.
  • Activley keep track of purchased items
  • Keep close contact with suppliers on purcahsed items that are critical to the sucess of the project.
  • Keep the Team up to date on changing information regarding purchases for a project


  • Shop for the best deal that might not be best price it might need to include delivery
  • Make us money buy by buying smart
  • Shop around to get the best deal
  • Track Orders
  • Expedite Deliveries
  • Consolidate orders to minimize Delivery costs
  • Keep the suppliers list up to date on the master quote sheet
  • PO and PS organization and scanning
  • Print sample labels
  • Documenting Purchases
  • Writing POs
  • Sourcing Material and Hardware Pricing
  • Compare job hardware list with current stock room stock and modify list accordingly
  • Download Equiptment Specs and file in job folders.
  • Organizing Job Folders
  • Keep the stock room organized
  • Check Pos against packing slips
  • Print POs for the shop
  • Make sure the bookkeeper gets the POs with the packing slip
  • Deal with damnaged sheet good that need to be returned
  • Deal with missing orders
  • Deal with damaged hardware
  • Follow up with back ordered hardware and materials
  • Copy drawings
  • Check stock quantities weekly
  • Label stock room bins

Material quantities should be coming from the Office staff not the Shop staff.