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  1. responsible for shop equipment on job sites (lock it up)
  2. provide necessary equipment (as per checklist)
  3. follow installation guide
  4. check cabinet list
  5. maintain a reasonable appearance when working with customers
  6. arrive at the job and leave on time
  7. keep the customer happy by doing the job as quickly and neatly as possible
  8. inform the shop of any item that was not shipped or needs modifications quickly as possible so it can be rectified quickly
  9. site measuring when required
  10. coordination between the shop and job site
  11. responsible for job site safety for all employees on site
  12. prepare a job review of each project
  13. other duties as required

Reports to?

The Installer reports to the Shop Foreman and Project Manager


  1. maintain your own equipment
  2. return all equipment in good condition
  3. spray room equipment
  4. Remove all materials related to installation