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Delivery/Shop Helper


As one of the least experienced members of the team. The role of the Shop Helper / Delivery Person is not only to assist in the Manufacturing and Installation of our products but also to ensure that they are delivered properly and safely.


Reports to?

Shop Helper reports to the Shop Foreman


It is expected that the Shop Helper/Delivery Person will

  • Maintain the Delivery Van
  • Maintain the Expendables carried in the Delivery Van (Installation Boxes, Glue, etc.)
  • Be the go to for all Delivery related questions (Where things were left on site, arrival times, etc.)
  • Assist with duties coordinated by the Shop Foreman
  • Follow Delivery SOP when delivering millwork.
  • Helping other individuals complete their tasks while learning from them.
  • Keep the Team up to date on all Deliveries/Pickups.


  • Assist with tasks assigned by the shop foreman
  • Clean up
  • Empty Garbage/ Dust Bins
  • Ensure the Delivery Van is maintained (Oil, Gas, Fluids, Tire Pressure, etc.)
  • Ensure all expendables are available to the installation team when on site.
  • Follow all steps in the Delivery SOP.
  • Let the team know when things are dropped off or picked up.
  • Return Damaged goods back to the shop when necessary. Ensure the teams knows the priority level of the fix.
  • Plan ahead for deliveries and pickups.
  • Assist Installation Team when neccessary.
  • Ensure the Installation team has access to what they need in the truck.

The job of the Delivery/Shop Helper is an integral one. Ultimately your task is to help everyone in the organization. In doing so you keep the company moving towards it's goals smoothly and quickly.