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CNC Operator


The role of the CNC Operator is to oversee one the most critical moments in the production process. Ensuring a smooth transition from digital to physical is the key productivity indicator for the CNC Operator. Nothing is more important then to keep the CNC Machine creating parts, not however, at the expense of accuracy.


Reports to?

The CNC Operator reports to the Shop Foreman


It is expected that the CNC Operator will know how to work with our proprietary Busellato Software. This includes understanding how to manipulate parts and nests. How to reset specific processes of the machine to continue it's expected function.

The continued operation of the CNC Machine requires the constant consumption of materials. The Operator is expected to keep the flow of correct materails is always available. In the event that a meterial is understocked or out of stock, the Shop Foreman will be notified immediately so that a re-stock can tae place.

  1. Cut all nests that come down to me
  2. Create jigs when needed
  3. Maintain CNC machine. This includes the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance.
  4. Keeping area tidy and free from debris.

Edge Bander

The CNC Operator is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Edge Bander. This includes understanding all of the components and steps necessary to edging Wood Veener, Solid Surface and any other miscilaneous parts that are banded.

  1. Edgeband all product that need it.
  2. Daily weekly and monthly maintenance
  3. Shop clean up that is not my area. I do this only when i have nothing to do or when i have some temporary downtime.
  4. Keep an eye on stock levels of items I know we use frequently and let Shelby know when i'm running low on something
  5. Being the muscles ( yea i know i'm scrawny) when anyone needs things moved.