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What is the best methos to speak with Steve?

These are many methods of communication available to you. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Since Steve is often driving ๐Ÿš™ some work better than others.

We can all use this guide

While this document mentions Steve specifially, the same timelines are expected of all members of Stirling Woodworks.

The following is a list and when they should be used:โ€‹

  1. The Phone Call: โ˜Ž๏ธ ๐Ÿ“ฑ ๐Ÿ“ž

Generally you can expect a response immediately or within a few minutes

The phone call can be used at any time it is very effective and Steve can answer while driving, DO NOT BE AFFAID TO CALL STEVE!! The only "dumb questions" are the ones that are not asked. If Steve can not answer the phone because he is on another call of in a meeting LEAVE A MESSAGE. Steve gets voice message converted to text so if heโ€™s in a meeting he may be able to read the message. The phone call is the best choice if you have a question and will slow you down if you donโ€™t get an answer right away. Use the PHONE if there is ANY CHANCE there will be a delay in production or installation if you donโ€™t have the answer you need, or drawings signed!

  1. Teams messages:

You may get a response within a few minutes or that day

Teams: messages are a great way to keep track of conversations and are very useful if Steve is at his computer. Unfortunately, he does not receive these while driving. So these should be used when it is important to keep track of the conversation but may not work if a response is needed urgently.

  1. Teams Calls:

You may get a response immediately or within a few minutes

Teams calls are similar to teams messages.

  1. Teams Video calls:

You may get a response immediately or within a few minutes

These are helpful to explain things on the jobsite. Use this feature! If you want to video call Steve and you donโ€™t get a response he might be driving. If this is the case call him and he will pull over to take the video call.

  1. Email:

You may get a response that day.


This is not for urgent communication

Email is a great tool to use when we are communicating outside the company. Use this method if the content may need to be forwarded to someone outside the company.

  1. Text messages:

You may get a response immediately or within a few minutes

Although text message should be a last resort this might be a good option if you need an urgent response. Steve does receive and can reply to text messages while driving.